4 Reasons To Get SMS Marketing Services

SMS messaging was primarily designed to help people communicate with each other quicker. Although numerous individuals still utilize text messaging for this purpose, it can also serve as a great way to reach prospective customers.

You can opt for SMS marketing services to boost engagement, increase brand awareness, generate sales, and more. For business owners who are still unconvinced of its efficacy, this article will give you several reasons to get SMS marketing services.

High Conversion Rate

Smartphones give us many alternative means of communication. Still, SMS marketing remains among the best-performing methods. Considering that delivering text messages doesn’t require an internet connection, it is not surprising that it stays relevant.

Capturing a customer’s attention is easier through SMS messaging as well. Compared to online advertisements, text messages usually feel more personal. Delivering messages this way would make your target audience more inclined to listen to you, therefore yielding higher conversion rates.

Wide Reach

The number of smartphone users has significantly surpassed that of desktop users throughout the years. Since most of your customers are likely on their phones, overlooking SMS marketing means missing out on a great opportunity. Marketing through text messages allows you to reach a larger target audience.


In comparison to the other marketing techniques, SMS marketing is considerably cheaper. Sending direct messages to your customers requires the use of stationery and postage. On top of that, having them delivered will use up your employee’s valuable time. Going for SMS marketing services instead would help you save time that you can allocate to other important tasks.

Easy Integration

Although the SMS platform is remarkable on its own, it can also work with other channels. Some of the many channels SMS is compatible with include email and social media. By merging multiple communication channels, increasing interaction rates would be much easier. A simple text message can help increase email open rates by up to 30%.

Textedly: Your SMS Marketing Companion

Unlike other marketing methods, SMS marketing does not only work at a particular time and place. Getting SMS marketing services would help you reach more customers and boost conversion rates – for a lower price.

Finding the perfect SMS marketing companion can be time-consuming. Why don’t you narrow down your search by choosing Textedly? This platform offers many powerful features that will help you enhance communication. For those who don’t have the extensive technical know-how, encountering difficulties won’t be an issue with Textedly user-friendly interface.